Southern California Pageant Workshop

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Janice McQueen Ward

October 29 at 11:27pm


Just a reminder that the Mrs. California United States Pageant is hosting a workshop November 8th in Solana Beach, CA. Please contact me for details.
The workshop is open to anyone and will cover from A to Z in pageant tips! The workshop is from 2-4 PM and only $25.00
Come join the fun!
Contact me through facebook or at:

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Brittany Tiner Named Savvy Magazine’s Girl of the Moment

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azine, a national publication covering “The Best in Beauty, Style and Pop Culture”, selected Miss Dallas 2009, Brittany Tiner as the Savvy Girl of the Moment. In this 2 page article, learn more about Brittany’s aspirations, passion for volunteering as well as a few clumsy habits and her secret
celebrity crush! Savvy’s latest issue, available today, also features pop icon Avril Lavigne, insight on the hottest holiday fashion, and fitness and beauty tips.

For more information on Savvy Magazine please visit:

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Miss La Crosse more than meets the eye

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UW-L student uses pageant to promote deeply personal passion

Many people don’t realize how much time and dedication go into beauty pageants. Being a pageant contestant requires much more than a pretty face; it requires hard work and a desire to be heard. Recently crowned Miss La Crosse, UW-L sophomore Raenna Johnson, has what it takes to succeed.
Johnson first became involved with beauty pageants her senior year of high school when she won Miss Holmen 2007. The chance to win scholarships was what pushed her towards being a contestant, and her Miss Holmen win rewarded her with $2,000 in scholarship money.
Johnson also wanted to use pageants as a way to project a message very important to her. About four years ago, her brother Tyler ended his life as the result of a methamphetamine addiction. This tragedy inspired Johnson to speak out on drug use prevention and awareness, which was her platform in the recent Miss La Crosse pageant.
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Taking Time For Life’s SImplest Pleasures

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The day I turned fifty the gift my daughter and son-in-law gave me was the news I was going to be a grandmother.  What a welcome to that golden age which is sometimes dismissed as a hallmark of the best being over.

Instead it was the signal of the infancy of what has proven to be the most incredible time in my life!  My little birthday present (also known as Maddie) continues to bring joy in our lives in ways I could not dream were possible.  Today was one of those days.

At a time in my life where possibilities abound and life is busy, my granddaughter’s excitement reminds me we often get so enthralled in our vocations and avocations we sometimes forget to stop for a moment and take in the simplicity and wonderment of a less than two year old child.

When it was time to leave I was reminded of the importance of enjoying the simplest of things in life.  Spending time with Maddie was a moment that I would not have traded for all the flash bulb or client possibilities in the world.

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Marci is coming soon to the MageantCast
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Dear Potential Delegates:
Do you want an opportunity to showcase your volunteer work, your career, yourself, and meet incredible married in Delaware?
Then, enter the Mrs. Delaware United States Pageant!!! From the moment you enter, you will become part of a strong sisterhood and find supportive help from Siouxzan Moore (your director), your fellow contestants, and myself.
). All local titleholders are linked from my blog, so please email me your blog address when you create your own!!!
I look forward to meeting you and having you join us on our next fun pageant appearance!!!!

Warmest wishes,

Marci M. McNair, Esquire
Mrs. Delaware United States 2009
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Beauties of America Website News

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The newly reformatted Beauties of America national website is up and running. We’ve added lots of photos from the 2009 national pageant. (Please click on the photos in those galleries to see a larger version of each one.) Look for 2009 national queens’ bios and appearance photos, along with 2010 national delegates, to be added within the next week.

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Thank you and Photos

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Thank you to my Reining Titleholders and The Pageant Cast, and all the ladies that were on the call tonight! If you have questions please email or call me! Here are a few links of Photos from the national pageant from the Pageant Cast. Copy and paste into your browser:

If you missed the call…dont worry! Listen now!

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