Ratings for Miss America pageant eroding

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LINWOOD, N.J., Jan. 30 (UPI) — The annual Miss America pageant is dropping in popularity and TV ratings and participants blame the changing cultural tide in the United States.

Entertainment Weekly online reported the 2009 Miss American pageant only drew 3.5 million viewers, down from the 26.7 million who watched the event in 1991. Actor Mario Lopez, who is hosting this year’s pageant Saturday night, blames the atrophy on an abundance of beautiful women in other arenas.

Current Miss America Katie Stam, 23, laments the pageant’s low ratings.

“We had the most amazing connection with the pageant. It was such a big deal to us,” Stam said of her childhood experiences watching the beauty pageant.

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Miss Virginia Caressa Cameron and Miss America 2010: Cameron Wins $50,000 Scholarship Amidst Sliding Ratings

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Despite the interesting night and the hype surrounding the annual event, ratings have been slipping in recent years. In 1991, there were over 26 million viewers that tuned in to the show. This year, the show only brought in only 3.5 million viewers.
To put this in perspective, the finale of “Jon and Kate Plus 8” brought in 4.32 million viewers, according to TV By the Numbers.

With Beautiful Women Available with a Click of the Mouse, Miss America is Losing Appeal

Miss America 2010 had 53 contestants: one from each of the 50 states, plus competitors from Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Washington, DC. The seven judges included Viveca Fox and Rush Limbaugh, which made for a very interesting night.
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Miss America Crowned; Whatever Happened To Beauty Pageants?

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<A rel="bookmark" href="http://tvbythenumbers.com/2010/01/30/miss-america-crowned-beauty-pageant-tv-ratings-history/40588&quot; title="Permanent Link to Miss America Crowned; Whatever Happened To Beauty Pageants?”>Miss America Crowned; Whatever Happened To Beauty Pageants?

Beauty Pageant Viewership 1960-2006

Those are huge household numbers through the 1980’s compared to nearly anything on TV today. But after the mid-80’s beauty pageants TV ratings took a dive. Advent of cable network choices? Or changed society? Your guess is as good as mine.

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Engaged! 2009 Miss America Katie Stam’s boyfriend proposes

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Brian Irk proposed to his girlfriend of four years, 2009 Miss America Katie Stam, at the Evening of Dreams gala in Planet Hollywood on Jan. 29, 2010. Katie said yes.

Tonight’s Evening of Dreams gala of the 2010 Miss America Pageant at Planet Hollywood became the Evening of Engagement for 2009 Miss America Katie Stam: Brian Irk, her boyfriend of four years, proposed to her at the end of the event!

Originally, Katie was to sing the Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole hit “Unforgettable,” but as was the case a year ago, she is suffering from laryngitis. Instead, I asked her to speak her two favorite lines from the song. I told her she was unforgettable, and her yearlong reign also was unforgettable.

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Amazing Race: Caitlin Upton (Photos) Ex-Beauty Contestant Signs On for 2010

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Ex-beauty contestant Caitlin Upton (pictured) is part of the newly announced cast for the 16th installment of Amazing Race for 2010. Upton is a YouTube classic and “the Miss Teen USA 2007 pageant contestant who’s most famous for a rambling, incoherent response during the pageant” is ready to race, reports the Huffington Post.

Amazing Race: Caitlin Upton, Ex-Beauty Contestant Signs On for 2010 Amazing Race (Image: WENN)
Zap 2 It notes the beauty queen and model, who now goes by Caite Upton, is racing with her fellow model-boyfriend Brent Horn.
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Are You the NEXT Miss America

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Do you ever look at the girls whom compete for the Miss America crown on television and think to yourself, “I could do that.” Or have you been competing in the Miss America system and wonder to yourself, “Do I really have what it takes to be the next Miss America?

Well, wonder no more. A couple of days ago I interviewed the woman who has interviewed dozens of Miss America’s. And in this article she tells what common characteristics all Miss America titleholders possess.

Read about the common characteristics of a Miss America and then you be the judge.

Steven Roddy

The Pageant Planet

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A Miss America 2010 Primer

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Well, here’s a representation of what to expect if you did watch. One of these ladies will replace Indiana’s Katie Stam as Miss America this Saturday. Hopefully whoever she is will have a nice fruitful reign.  But if you’re interested in the wilder edge of beauty queens, how about these 28 that didn’t quite live up to their title. Anyhow, on to the ladies:

Liz Cochran (20)
Helena, Alabama


Miss Alabama
Erin O’Connor (21)

Evergreen Park, Illinois


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Miss America 2010 Gets a Dose of Reality

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Miss America hostEven if you don’t like watching beauty queens parade around in their swimsuits, you might want to watch the Miss America 2010 pageant when it airs on TLC tomorrow night. Reality TV fans will appreciate some of the familiar faces you will see on the show. Here’s a quick guide to Miss America 2010 for reality TV lovers:

  • The host of Miss America 2010 will be Mario Lopez, who competed on Dancing with the Stars and now hosts America’s Best Dance Crew.
  • What Not to Wear fashion expert Clinton Kelly will be a correspondent during the live show.
  • Former Dancing With the Stars champion Shawn Johnson will be a pageant judge.
  • And The Cougar host Vivica A. Fox will also be one of the judges.
  • So, will you be watching Miss America 2010? It airs live from from Las Vegas at 8 ET on TLC.

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    Miss America FINALISTS!

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    Miss America finalists
    LIVE! Get a heads up on the the Miss America 2010 finalists tonight. The Miss American finalists contenders are revealed on “Miss America: Behind the Curtain” (10 PM EST) hosted by Clinton Kelly (”What Not to Wear”).
    On Friday, TLC hopes to drive up the buzz lead in factor with this add-on broadcast. If you want to vote, you need to watch Kelly’s show because reportedly viewers’ voting will put four women into the top 15 for Saturday’s broadcast.

    Then on Saturday, it’s the 89th pageant at8 p.m. EST on TLC. The host is the dimpled Mario Lopez and the judges are Rush Limbaugh, Brooke White (American Idol) and Paul Rodriguez.


    But here’s something that might surprise you. Last year’s broadcast pulled in a 3.5 ratings share, while Carrie Prejean’s opposites-broadcast on Miss USA pulled in a 5.0 for NBC.
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    Miss America 2010: Who gets the tiara?

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    miss-america-2009-katie-stam.jpgWho will take the Miss America crown from Katie Stam, 2009’s title holder?
    That question will be answered Saturday, Jan. 30 at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.

    Mario Lopez and “What Not to Wear’s” Clinton Kelly will co-host the event live from Las Vegas. Check out the promo:

    More importantly, we’re wondering which Miss is going to be the next YouTube sensation?
    Pageants seem to be a great source for controversial or quote-worthy moments, from former Miss California Carrie Prejean to Miss Teen 2007 contestant Caitlin Upton who had a very strong opinion on maps and is a contestant on “The Amazing Race,” premiering Sunday, Feb. 14 on CBS.

    2010 Miss America Pageant preliminary competition
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