Miss International Pageant ’09 in Chicago!!

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Where can I even start about pageant week at Nationals? Well…… the week started out on Sunday when I arrived in Skokie with my parents, on Sunday night we met up with my Godmother who lives in Chicago and ate a delicious Italian dinner in Niles. I have not seen her in 20 years, so it was great to be able to spend sometime with her.

After the show we were whisked away in 2 limos back to the hotel, just in time for dinner. Wednesday we went to the Skokie library to take a tour, it is an amazing library with SOOOO many amenities for its patrons. They have it set up with a similar layout as a Barnes and Nobles, I just had to ask where their Starbucks was
We went to eat the famous Chicago deep dish pizza, and went to the Navy Pier to just relax by the water. It was an amazing week, and I am so glad that I got to meet so many inspiring young women. After reflecting on my experience, I wouldn’t change anything.

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Orlando Magic dancer Megan Clementi wins Miss Florida USA 2010

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Megan Clementi, a beautiful young woman 25 year-old, who representing South Miami was crowned the 2010 Miss Florida USA during a live telecast seen by over 5 million viewers worldwide on July 20, 2009.
Clementi, 5′ 7″ tall,is an Electrical Engineering graduate of the University of Central Florida and also an Orlando Magic dancer. She will be representing the state of Florida in the Miss USA 2010 Beauty Pageant in the next spring.
Miss Florida USA 2010 Results
* Miss Florida USA 2010: Megan Clementi representing South Miami
* 1st Runner-up: Amanda Zitzman representing Daytona Beach
* 2st Runner-up: Kendra Walker representing Gainesville
* 3st Runner-up: Greta Jimenez representing Carnival Miami
* 4st Runner-up: Annilie Hastey representing Coral Gables

* Miss Photogenic: Amanda Zitzman of Daytona Beach
“Miss Photogenic” by television and newspaper photographers during the Miss Florida USA Press Day on Thursday, July 16 at the Westin Diplomat Resort and Spa.

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Galaxy Goddess!

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Blonde bombshell Hayley Mac is Britain’s first ever Miss Galaxy International. She beat off stern competition from Jupiter!

We imagine becoming Miss Galaxy International involves defeating competition from all sorts of extra-terrestrial life. Look, there’s lovely Alison from Jupiter, with her three noses and silky 20-feet pins. And over in the corner is stunning Veronika from Saturn’s northern hemisphere, with her mountainous 98GGG chest and, um, bald green head…

In reality, the Miss Galaxy International BEAUTY CONTEST is reserved just for us mere earthlings, with 100s of lovely ladies from all around the globe vying for the accolade. This year still threw up a first, however, when Essex model Hayley Mac become the first ever British contestant to be crowned ‘Galaxy Queen’. Well done Hayley. Next stop, the universe!


miss galaxy international pictures

Hayley Mac picture
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Miss International 2008 – New Pictures

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Alyce Hamm Gift

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Part of the Mrs. Illinois Prize Package is going to Alyce Designs to pick out your very own gown. Walking in today seeing the walls of photos of queens that have walked that very warehouse, then stepping in to see rows upon rows of gowns was really something. The little girl inside of me giggled profusely…sparkles, sparkles and more sparkles.

I met Sherry, the nicest receptionist up front (she made sure I had something to drink and was cared for right away), then escorted by Phoebe who’s been assisting and working with Alyce Designs for just about a year now (so very cute!) to meet Rene Hamm (also very nice to me), then on to meet Nathalie who was so very generous with her time. She brought an empty rack to fill with gowns (insert crazy girl squealing!), and then helped try things on. She was such a sweetheart.
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Walking Workshop

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A few of the 2010 contestants took part in the Walking Workshop.

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Clair eyes Miss Universe title

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STUNNING Clair Cooper jets off to the Caribbean next week to represent Great
Britain at the Miss Universe contest.

And not only will the redhead beauty be flying the flag for the nation, she’s
also teamed up with the nation’s favourite red top.

The gorgeous 27-year-old will be writing a behind-the-scenes blog from inside
the contest starting next week.

“But the sad fact is, kids are not usually complimented on their looks when
they have red hair. I know I certainly wasn’t.

“And if I win the Miss Universe title I’ll be working in New York for
Aids and HIV charities – that is what matters to me more.”

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‘Toddlers and Tiaras’ angers viewers

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If you caught the premiere of the second season of “Toddlers and Tiaras” last Wednesday, then you remember Jamie Sterling. Who could forget her?

Sterling’s 6-year-old twin daughters, BreAnne and AshLynn, are competing in the Universal Royalty Pageant, and the Texas mom treats BreAnne like a princess while playing the part of wicked stepmother with AshLynn. Last Wednesday, the TLC reality show unfolded like a Cinderella story when Sterling openly calls BreAnne the prettiest and tells AshLyn that her sister gets a new dress while she has to wear a ripped one.

In a “Toddlers and Tiaras” forum posted on the TLC Web site, angry viewers ruthlessly attacked Jamie Sterling for being a bad mother, and someone listed a phone number for social services, encouraging readers to call in and report Sterling. But the forum didn’t last long, and an SFGate reader contacted me to let me know TLC removed the forum.

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Miss Florida watches Obama fly away

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Marine-one-photo Today’s White House pool reporter notes that among the 100 tourists gathered around the South Lawn to watch President Barack Obama fly off this morning in Marine One was a “Miss Florida from the Miss America Pageant (she was
wearing her sash).” The woman was not named.

The president is headed to Raleigh, N.C., and Bristol, Va., to continue to make the case for health care reform.

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Miss Rodeo America Celebrates 55th Anniversary

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missrodeoMiss Rodeo America Inc.

News Release

Miss Rodeo America Celebrates 55th Anniversary

PUEBLO, Colo. — Miss Rodeo America, along with the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame in Colorado Springs, Colo., is celebrating another milestone in the history of rodeo. Miss Rodeo America an American Tradition, is on exhibit at the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame as the organization prepares for the pageant where the 55th Miss Rodeo America will be crowned.


The exhibit is open to the public and features a collection of awards, clothing, boots and photos gathered from former Miss Rodeo America titleholders. A collage of photos of Miss Rodeo America 2009, Maegan Ridley, greets visitors as they enter the exhibit. The ambiance of royalty is displayed as guests navigate through, “A Royal Timeline,” spanning the length of one wall.

Western Glamour Media will have some fabulous coverage of this historical event! Stay Tuned!

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