Miss America: What I’ve Learned

clipped from www.esquire.com

Katie Stam teaches us the proper way to win an eating contest, how to burp, and why those Trump pageants aren’t really, well, pageants

When you have to burp, you burp. And then you say, “Excuse me” very politely.

You cannot wear the crown after your year is over.

If you think this organization degrades women, I encourage you to get to know even one of the contestants.

We’re completely different organizations. Miss America came first. We were started in 1921. We’re a nonprofit scholarship organization. We provide $45 million a year to the twelve thousand women who compete. Miss USA gets the opportunity to live in New York. She gets modeling contracts, acting lessons, and so forth. You can’t compare the pageants. It’s not even apples and oranges. It’s like comparing a fruit and a vegetable.

I’m saving myself for marriage. I don’t promote that — it’s a personal choice. I would never judge someone because they chose differently.

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