Pageant pumpkins…

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Hope everyone had a FABULOUS HALLOWEEN…which by the way is one of my FAVORITE holidays!
I mean, what other day of the year can you dress up -be whatever you want – and have an excuse to eat nothing but candy!!!?? Its the best!!!
However, one of my favorite things to do on halloween is carve pumpkins!! This year – I drilled holes in my pumpkin and stuck christmas tree lights through the holes and created some funky design….I stole the idea from a Martha Stewart Magazine. While I thought my pumpkin carving idea was pretty cool – Miss Ohio Jr. Teen, Brianna Lang, definitely out-did me!!
Check out her pumpkin…..I know you will all want to steal this idea next year!!! It’s definitely one sassy pumpkin that screams ” I look good!”
Thanks for sharing Brianna!!!

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