Day 7

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We spent the day working on prelim night production and competition. I was all excited about the day, and not because I was thinking of that night…sorry…I was thinking of my wonderful husband FINALLY getting there!!! I was on pins and needles all morning and when I got a text from Eric at lunch saying he had arrived, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so fast in my life! I got to have the biggest and best hug ever from him, and then back to practice. And that ended up running over…now I know why ladies come to rehearsal in curlers!!! I’ve never gotten put together so fast in my life, but there’s always something to “put you to the test”! I think I did alright! 😉

Sorry, no gown (you’ll see it later), but if you’ve seen state, then you’ve seen it…I was the lady in red, and a very special ‘thank you’ to all my sweet ladies for the compliments! Right back at ya, babes!!! Seriously, I have not seen so many gorgeous ladies in gorgeous gowns(DC, yes, I am still your “Jessica”. )!
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