Official Day 1

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Day 1 was orientation and then orientation dinner…easy enough! 🙂 My poor roommate arrived terribly sick, so I think we were both glad for the extra day to sleep in and leisurely check in and get ready. I took in a day in the gym and enjoyed the view of the mountains I remember Julie Rinehart telling me about 4 years ago. Being there was so surreal, but every time I would see something she had told me about and reminisced during her time in Tucson, I would think of her and smile, knowing that there had been a time when I’d wanted to be at Mrs. America myself and thinking it would never, ever happen. After some gym time, I cleaned up, checked in, then got ready for a beautiful dinner in a gorgeous ballroom, with even more gorgeous women. And I remember looking at dessert thinking to myself, “WHAT?!?! I have swimsuit competition!!!” Looking back, I should have enjoyed that little treat a bit more because I lost some serious weight by the time prelims came around.
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