Some reasons for joining a Mrs. pageant

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David and Elaine Marmel created their own genre for beauty pageants while sitting at a baseball game in 1976. David said in an interview, “With so much emphasis on the founding fathers, there was none on the founding mothers of our country.” And the idea was born. The following year, in 1977, he and his wife Elaine started up their own pageant for married women, the first of its kind, then the rest followed.

What are some of the reasons that women get involved in pageants? Over the years, and being involved with pageants, one will hear many reasons. What are some reasons not to enter? Kim Foley, of Mrs. Globe (1998) emphasizes, “You have to be well grounded in who you are. If you tend to be insecure, entering a Mrs. pageant is not going to give you a sense of security.”

For more info: Check out the Mrs. Alaska America website!
Author: Kellie Davis

Kellie Davis is a National Examiner. You can see Kellie’s articles on Kellie’s Home Page.
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