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The challange of packing the suitcase (or 2) for 9 days in Vegas was not easy…it required planning, drawings, and strategic placement of all items — at least 12 complete outfits, evening gown, opening number dress, bowling dress, casual dresses, pajamas, curlers, hair stuff, make up, and at least 8 pairs of shoes — so that they all fit in two medium sized suitcases. It was packing, re-packing, and re-packing it several more times to make sure both were under 50 pounds, and realizing that packing light just wasn’t happening. Finally I went to bed around 3:30 last night because I was tired of looking at suitcases and clothes!! lol Only to wake up this morning and re-pack AGAIN…one last time!!!
Everything starts tomorrow…I cannot wait to meet everyone, and get this journey started! It’s been a long road traveled to be here, and I am ready for this next challenge!
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