Throwin’ the Symbolic First Pitch

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I called it “symbolic” because I was actually the 3 person to throw the “first pitch” at tonight’s Bowie Baysox game…there was a Rear Admiral on the field pitching first, then my amazing DFF (Dear Friend Forever), Nikki Karl (former Mrs. MD and most important to her, the Founder and Executive Director of the National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Connection) threw the second pitch….and then was my turn. I did a fabuloso job (if I do say so myself)…threw that ball right on the money!!! So much fun…I want to do it again!!
I got to meet some adorable little ones too…Dakota, Sierra, and pals…who wanted to hug (my favorite thing so they didn’t have to bend my arm when asking if they could hug me…boy, that sure does make my heart smile!!)….
Another wonderful day….so happy that Nikki asked me to come out with her to lob that ball…and so glad I can share my day with you all….
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