Debra Gilmour’s Identity Stolen in US Post Office Theft

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As a long time proponent of laws to protect law abiding citizens from identity theft, Monday’s theft of my wallet while conducting a transaction at the US Post Office in our local grocery store served as a reminder to myself of why I am such an avid advocate for enhanced penalties for this type of crime.
After placing my checkbook/wallet in my handbag along with my pens (two beautiful Waterman pens given to me as gifts), I turned to the cashier for my receipt.  I intended to place it in my bag before zipping my purse shut.  In that split second while I was distracted in obtaining the receipt, the thief, who had walked up to the counter (out of line) next to my cart of boxes, grabbed my wallet and pen case, disappearing into the grocery store with two male counterparts standing watch several yards away.
Do not be afraid to speak up if someone is violating your personal space in a public place.  It would have made the difference for me.  It will keep you from going through the same experience!
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