Jade Monfils at the Garland Asian Festival

clipped from jademonfils.blogspot.com

Yesterday was the Garland Asian Festival held at Saigon Mall in Garland. It was a HUGE event, with around 5,000 people. It was so crowded that the parking situation was getting out of control with people parking and blocking in cars 3 cars deep! I was making announcements and introducing city council and other community leaders. It is always great to see a celebration of different cultures and diversity. The day started off with the presentation of the Mayor of Garland giving a proclamation, a lion dance around the parking lot, and firecrackers! Yes, firecrackers were lit off for about 5 minutes in the parking lot!! The fire and police departments were both were very approving, “There has to be some fun sometimes”! Afterwards were many dances and performances from cultures all over Asia.

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