Pageant to Carrie: Your Court Is Ready!

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Carrie PrejeanCarrie Prejean has threatened to sue the Miss California USA folks for defamation, we’ve learned. But we just obtained a letter the pageant’s lawyer fired off to Carrie’s lawyer, threatening to sue her for her “churlish insolent misbehavior.”
The long letter details the alleged misdeeds which led to Carrie getting das boot. For starters, the pageant’s lawyer says Carrie is full of it when she stated publicly she didn’t ink a book deal. The letter also says Carrie had wrongfully turned down 39 pageant appearances since May 12.
And the letter claims Carrie defamed pageant honcho Keith Lewis when she said he “pressured her to appear in Playboy.” Lewis says he merely passed on the offer, which he never advocated she take.
The letter says Carrie was fired because of her “intolerable misbehavior,” citing “hostile communications from Carrie.”
The lawyer goes on to demand that Carrie stop making defamatory remarks and recant the ones she already made … or else.
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