Miss International preliminary competition

Tonight in Skokie, IL was the Miss International preliminary pageant and I was lucky, once again, of being invited to attend. As always, the production and set design was top notch as was the caliber of the contestants.

Before the show, we sneaaked in four interviews with some of the lovely Teen competitors that were in attendance to cheer on their “big sisters” in tonight’s pageant.

Tonight I decided to type up these notes during the pageant on my Nokia internet tablet. I know it isn’t as cool as you cyber-texters, but give me a break–I’m an old man and trying to get with the times.

There are 43 Miss contestants this year–same as the Teen side. The Teen Int’l director of the year is Eddie Peterson and Miss Int’l director of the year is Allison Stedvrokas.

They don’t want us texting during the show so I need to pause.

Excellent rendition of Fun Fashion and Fitness. We had a close call, but no falls.

Okay. I’m back.

A lot of Faviana, Sherri Hill and Tony Bowls–so I’m told…I have no eye for that stuff…beautiful gowns from the top of the program to the bottom. Really amazing show.

Production singer Ryan Greenwalts did a fantastic job entertaining the audience throughout.

Special awards were:
Photogenic: Arkansas and California
Miss Congeniality: Missouri

Congratulations to this wonderful young ladies!

Reporting from the lobby of the Doubletree in Chicago–

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