Posts Odds on Who Will Be Crowned Miss Universe 2008?

document.context=’YTowOnt9′; Posts Latest Odds on Miss Universe 2008 competition

NEW YORK July 2nd, 2008: Over the past 50 years, Miss Universe, one of the most prestigious beauty contests in the world, has garnered speculation and intrigue from people all over the world. The contest is an opportunity for beautiful young ladies from more than 80 countries not only to share their culture but also their values, intelligence, talent and beauty.

Even better, it’s also an opportunity for ogling eyes to lay down their money and pick their national favorites. That’s right, the largest most successful sportsbook on the web,

document.context=’YTowOnt9′; is at it again and has beaten everyone to the punch by posting odds on the likeliest lassie to win the crown.

Analysts at

document.context=’YTowOnt9′; posted the following odds on Miss Universe 2008:

3001 Miss Venezuela 5/1
3002 Miss India 8/1
3003 Miss Puerto Rico 9/1
3004 Miss Panama 9/1
3005 Miss USA 10/1
3006 Miss Czech Republic 11/1
3007 Miss Mexico 11/1
3008 Miss Columbia 14/1
3009 Miss Australia 14/1
3010 Miss Kosovo 16/1
3011 Miss Vietnam 16/1
3012 Miss South Africa 16/1
3013 Miss China 18/1
3014 Miss Dominican Republic 18/1
3015 Miss Korea 18/1
3016 Miss Belgium 18/1
3017 Miss Greece 20/1
3018 Miss Ireland 25/1
3019 Miss Albania 25/1
3020 Miss Ukraine 28/1
3021 Miss Croatia 28/1
3022 Miss Brazil 28/1
3023 Miss Russia 28/1
3024 Miss Ecuador 28/1
3025 Miss Peru 28/1
3026 Miss Montenegro 30/1
3027 Miss Trinidad and Tobago 30/1
3028 Miss Thailand 30/1
3029 Miss Costa Rica 30/1
3030 Miss Kazakhstan 30/1
3031 Miss France 40/1
3032 Miss Finland 40/1
3033 Miss Nicaragua 50/1
3034 Miss Nigeria 50/1
3035 Miss Paraguay 50/1
3036 Miss Norway 30/1
3037 Miss Canada 50/1
3038 Miss Serbia 65/1
3039 Miss Indonesia 65/1
3040 Miss Slovak Republic 65/1
3041 Miss Japan 65/1
3042 Miss Spain 65/1
3043 Miss Mauritius 75/1
3044 Miss Honduras 75/1
3045 Miss Georgia 75/1
3046 Miss Bahamas 75/1
3047 Miss Philippines 75/1
3048 Miss Argentina 85/1
3049 Miss Aruba 85/1
3050 Miss El Salvador 85/1
3051 Miss Israel 85/1
3052 Miss Singapore 85/1
3053 Miss Uruguay 85/1
3054 Miss Hungary 100/1
3055 Miss United Kingdom 100/1
3056 Miss Jamaica 100/1
3057 Miss Estonia 100/1
3058 Miss Slovenia 100/1
3059 Miss Malaysia 100/1
3060 Miss Guam 100/1
3061 Miss Poland 100/1
3062 Miss Angola 100/1
3063 Miss Italy 125/1
3064 Miss Netherlands 125/1
3065 Miss New Zealand 125/1
3066 Miss Bolivia 125/1
3067 Miss Egypt 125/1
3068 Miss Cayman Islands 125/1
3069 Miss Antigua and Barbuda 150/1
3070 Miss Germany 150/1
3071 Miss Denmark 150/1
3072 Miss Switzerland 150/1
3073 Miss Ghana 150/1
3074 Miss Turkey 150/1
3075 Miss Guatemala 200/1
3076 Miss Curacuo 250/1
3077 Miss Sri Lanka 250/1
3078 Miss Turks and Caicos 250/1
3079 Miss Cyprus 250/1
3080 Miss Tanzania 250/1

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Hulu – Space Beauty: Lost in Space

When Farnum B., Showman of the Cosmos, crash-lands on the Robinson’s current planet, he immediately tries to recruit Judy for his Miss Galaxy Beauty Pageant. Video available on the website only–not in e-mail version.

Hulu – Space Beauty: Lost in Space

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Film n Fashion: Online Vote Link for ,Best National Costume,Miss Universe 2008

Miss Universe 2008 comes to Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa, Vietnam for a night of stars and glamour in search of the most beautiful woman in the world! Jerry Springer and Mel B. host this exciting, LIVE event! Miss Universe 2007, Riyo Mori (Japan) will return to crown her successor. The Top 15 finalists will be judged in three categories: swimsuit, evening gown, and interview during the broadcast. Also, the winner for Best National Costume, as decided by online votes, will be announced.



or visit the following website to Vote.
Most Potential candidate Miss Venezuela 2008-Dayana Mendoza.

It’s Simple.
1. Click on the Link.
2. Select Continent from top line to see all the candidates from the continent.
3. Click on your Candidate Photo.(The Photo will be enlarged at right side).
4. Go right side and and Click on select the candidate.
5. Select Three Candidates.
6. Selected Candidates will be showed below.Click on Submit vote.

Rules for Voting:
* You must be 13 years of age or older as of July 7, 2008 to register and vote for “National Costume”.
* Each person may vote only once and must be the registered subscriber of the email account from which the vote is made.
* Each person must choose three (3) contestants before submitting his or her vote.
* Votes received after 3pm PT on Friday, July 11th, 2008 will not be counted.
Most Potential candidate Miss Venezuela 2008-Dayana Mendoza.

Aruni Rajapaksha Sri Lanka.

Film n Fashion: Online Vote Link for ,Best National Costume,Miss Universe 2008

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Mundo Miss

Miss Venezuela, a promising candidate for Miss Universe 2008 crown.

Mundo Miss

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Mundo Miss

Miss Venezuela, a promising candidate for Miss Universe 2008 crown.

Mundo Miss

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Glaring Pictures: Miss Universe contestants at the beach party

1 - Cooling off before the hot contest ...

As the Miss Universe finale nears the temperatures are rising. Watch the most beautiful women of the world show what it takes to fight for the crown.

Glaring Pictures: Miss Universe contestants at the beach party

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‘Confidence’ is the secret to beauty and success – Biography and memoirs –

‘Confidence’ is the secret to beauty and success

Former Miss USA says positive thinking is key to being your best



  Susie Castillo’s beauty tips
July 8: Former Miss USA, Susie Castillo, talks to TODAY’s Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford about her new book, “Confidence Is Queen.”

Today show


Slide show
Image: Crystle Stewart

  Crowning a queen
Dashing the dreams of 50 other beauty queens, 26-year-old Texan Crystle Stewart captures the coveted title of Miss USA 2008. View photos from the competition.

more photos


Slide show

  Beauty queen scandals
They may be beautiful, but the competition can get ugly.  From blackmail to sabotage, check out the underside of the pageant circuit.

more photos

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In “Confidence is Queen,” former Miss USA Susie Castillo writes about her experiences growing up, and shares the lessons she’s learned about positive thinking. From dealing with an abusive father and living in a drug-infested neighborhood to becoming a successful model and radio host, Castillo says confidence in herself made all the difference. An excerpt.

We all have times when it seems like nothing’s going our way — when it seems like everything we want is out of reach. Ever have those days when you’d rather stay in bed buried under your covers rather than face the world?

Me, too. Believe me — I’ve been there.

If you had asked me when I was a kid if I ever thought I’d be a beauty queen, I would have said, “No Way!” In my wildest dreams I never thought I’d enter — and then win! — a beauty pageant. Of course, like most little girls, I watched them on TV, but they seemed more like game shows to me — something to watch, but not actually do.

‘Confidence’ is the secret to beauty and success – Biography and memoirs –

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